Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Good Books

Amelia's Fantastic Flight / Rose Bursik 
     Amelia wants to fly, so she builds a plane, and takes off around the world. Very simple text, beautiful illustrations, and maps so kids can see where Amelia flies. 

The Ugly Truckling / David Gordon
     A fractured fairytale, very sweet, with darling illustrations, about an airplane "born" into a family of trucks. This is a fun story to read. (Print Motivation!)

Plane Song / Diane Siebert/ illustrations by Vincent Nasta
    The text for this book is a poem describing a variety of airplanes, from small private planes to airlines and military jets. I really like the way this poem flows. Kids who like machines will be fascinated by all the different planes illustrated in Vincent Nasta's outstanding oil paintings.  (Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness)

First Flight / David McPhail
     I love this story told from the point of view of a small child going on a first plane trip. The child explains to a teddy bear each part of the experience, buckling up, using the restroom, turbulence, and more. (Airport and airport signs - Print Motivation)

Between Story Stretches

Action Rhyme: Airplane

The airplane has great big wings                                      (stretch arms out)
The propeller spins around and sings                               (spin one arm)
Vrroooom! The airplane goes up!                                    (tilt head up and rise up on toes)
Vrroooom! The airplane goes down!                               (lean over)
The airplane circles round and round.                              (lean to one side, lean to other side)
The airplane waves and flies                                            (waggle wings)
around our town.

Action Song:  My Little Red Airplane (tune: Bumping up and down in my little red wagon)

Props - I use a felt board and pictures of various tools, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc. Plus, I add a few odd pictures, a banana, a hat, a kitten, etc. Hand pics out to kids, and have them come up and put pictures on felt board during their turn.
       Or, you could also bring a tool box filled with tools and other items. 
       If you have a small group, you could pick kids to come up to the toolbox and select an item. 

Flying up and down in my little red airplane (3x)
  Won't you be my darlin'?

Oh, no!!

One wheel's off and a wing is broken (3x)
    Won't you be my darlin'?

____________'s gonna fix it with her/his ______________  (3x)
    Won't you be my darlin'?

Repeat last verse till about 5 kids have had chance to fix the airplane.
Then repeat first verse.

Felt Board Song: Airplane, Airplane
   I wrote new words for the tune of Freight Train, by Libba Cotten. There are several videos on You Tube if you need the tune.
  For the felt board pictures I just copied pictures of a jet airliner, some mountains, and the ocean (not beach).

I sing this 3x - first so the kids can hear it, the second time so they can sing along, the third time so they can sing with confidence. 

Airplane, airplane, up in the sky
Where are you going flying so high?
Over the mountains, over the seas, 
Shiny airplane will you take me?

Goodbye! Here's a cute goodbye rhyme:
Up, down,
Turn around,
touch the sky 
and touch the ground.
Tickle tummy,
blink your eyes,
blow a kiss 
and wave goodbye!

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