Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flannel Friday: Green Eggs and Ham

Here is my Flannel Friday post. See more great felt board ideas this week at Story Time Secrets.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss last week and included Green Eggs and Ham, of course.
For a stretch between stories, I adapted the traditional rhyme, "Way Up High in the Apple Tree" and created a felt board to go along with it. We stood up and acted it out using the felt board as a visual aid.

Way Up High in the Green Egg Tree

Way up high in the green egg tree,             ~ point way up high
Two green eggs smiling at me!                   ~ make 2 fists up high 
I shook that tree so hard and fast,             ~ with both hands shake imaginary tree trunk
And Noooooooooo!!!!                            ~ look up horrified
Down came the green eggs                       ~ lower fists quickly toward your face
Splat! Splat!                                             ~  Splat hands over face

I cut out a Dr. Seuss-like tree from light blue stiffened felt for the trunk and red stiffened felt for the tree top.  Then I made eggs and added google eyes and smiles drawn with a sharpie. The eggs are double sided as you can see in the next picture.The tree trunk is about 12 inches long, the eggs are the size of real hen's eggs. I didn't use patterns.

During the last 2 lines of the rhyme, I take the eggs off the tree and hold them way up high over my face and bring them down in slow motion while I cry out, "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!" Then I flip them over on top of my eyes so the yolks show. They look like big eyeballs. The kids loved it!

This is a super simple felt board design. I love the stiffened felt which we bought from the School Specialty Art Education catalog.

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