Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bundle Up!

Stories and songs about winter clothing - all those layers and layers!

Shorter books appropriate for babies and toddlers, or for the end of the storytime:

One, Two, One Pair / Bruce MacMillan
Buster's First Snow / Hisako Madokoro
The Snowy Day / Ezra Jack Keats

Longer books for kids ages 3 -7:

The Mitten / Alvin Tresselt , or...
The Mitten / Jan Brett 
The Hat / Jan Brett
The Missing Mitten Mystery / Steven Kellogg

      Early literacy activity : Narrative Skill. Most of these stories could be retold with felt board pieces, or in the case of The Mitten, with Beanie babies or other small stuffed animals and a pouch of some kind. Sometimes for Narrative Skill, I just go back to the beginning of the book and let the kids tell the story as I turn the pages. This would work with The Snowy Day or Buster's First Snow.

Here are the action activities:

Action Song: This is the way…
   (Tune: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)
This is the way  we put on our pants,
put on our pants, put on our pants,
this is the way we put on our pants
on a cold and frosty morning!

Button our shirt     put on our coat
pull on our socks  put on our hat
put on our boots  put on our mittens

Action song: Hat, Snowsuit, Gloves & Boots
(tune: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) 
Hat, snowsuit, gloves and boots
gloves and boots
Hat, snowsuit, gloves and boots
gloves and boots
I'm bundled up and ready for the snow
But wait! I think I have to go!
     ~~author unknown.

Tickle Rhyme: My Zipper Suit
  adult does zipping motions on child
     on "all around the town" gently tickle all over-- 
My zipper suit is bunny brown,
the top zips up
the legs zip down
Zip it up! Zip it down!
Zip it all around the town! 

Action Song: Put on Your Hat
(tune: Apples and Bananas)
Put on your hat, hat, hat, 
This is snowy weather!

Put on your:  scarf, coat, snowpants, mittens, boots, etc.)

Felt Board: Color Mittens
(cut 4 simple mitten shapes out of felt:
red, yellow, green and blue) -let kids finish 
sentences with colors.
My poor little kitten lost her mitten,
and started to cry, "boohoo!"
So I helped my kitten 
to look for her mitten,
her beautiful mitten of blue.

I found a mitten just right
for a kitten
under my mother's bed.
But alas, the mitten was
not the right mitten,
for it was colored red.

continue with: 
  found under Father's pillow - yellow
  found in the laundry so clean - green 

I found a mitten just right for a kitten,
inside my favorite shoe.
And this time the mitten 
was just the right mitten,
for it was colored blue!
     attributed to Jean Warren of Totline
       in some sources, others, no author listed  

 Here's one I think I wrote:

Snow Suit Song (tune: Head, shoulders, knees & toes)
            Hat, Jacket, pants, and socks for my toes
            Hat, Jacket, pants, and boots for the snow
            Scarf and mittens, zippers and Velcro
            And now, oh, no! I have to go!





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