Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Batty for Books! Halloween Storytime

“Batty for Books!”

Bats at the Library / Brian Lies
Big Pumpkin / Erica Silverman
Halloween Night / Arden Druce
A Creepy Countdown / Charlotte Huck

Chant: Halloween Night Sounds
   Adapted from Sleeping Bag Chant by Linnea Good
        On H.U.M. All Year Long, CD / Carole Peterson     (Awesome CD!!!!)

H.U.M. All Year Long is our new favorite go-to CD for storytimes. Every song is a winner. For this storytime, I tweaked some of the lyrics of the Sleeping Bag Chant to give it a Halloween flavor and then chanted it myself (without the CD) At other storytimes we have just played the song on the CD and sung along with it.

Song: Black Bat Farm /  Carole Peterson: “H.U.M. All Year Long” CD
Song: Looking for Dracula / Charlotte Diamond: “10 Carrot Diamond” CD
Another one of my favorite CDs - I just play the CD and we sing and ham it up!
I try to make time to include some factual information in many of my storytimes, and this one is especially important as bats are so valuable and so endangered, and so many people are freaked out by them!
I set up several nonfiction bat books for kids to look at and check out, and displayed some photos of bats and related some info about bats that was appropriate for very young learners. 
  • The bats in Iowa are tiny and fragile, and they eat tons of mosquitoes, so we don't want to hurt them. If a bat gets inside your house, please don't hit it with a tennis racket. Open a window or door and gently encourage it toward the exit. If two or more people are at home, try holding up a bed sheet to block the bat's flight  and guide it to the window or door. Some people have luck waiting till the bat is resting on a wall, then trapping it under a coffee can and gently slide a piece of thin pasteboard (like cereal box board) under the can. Then the bat can be safely transported to the out of doors. 
  • Bats are very clean. They groom themselves like cats. 
  • Bats have only 1 baby a year. They do not have litters of babies like mice or cats. Because they have just 1 baby, it would be very easy for them to be wiped out by disease or habitat loss. 
  •  Bats will not get tangled in your hair. Bats almost never bite people!


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