Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Time

I thought I'd share some pics from this morning's Mother Goose storytime. This is our storytime for babies and toddlers. We also have some older siblings who enjoy this program. Today Karla was reading  Silly Stories. 

Of course I should have used our new digital camera, I could even have taken some video. But this was total impulse so I pulled out my cell phone and snapped - unfortunately there is a tiny delay and toddlers don't sit still, so the shots are blurry. Also the wonderful windows in our story room that let in tons of wonderful sunlight, make for a less than ideal photo studio - people come out looking like silhouettes.

We sit in a big circle on colored foamie squares. The kids love choosing which color to sit on. Kids are allowed to move around at will, crawl, toddle, and play. Our 2 rules are no playing on the steps during the storytime, and if a child is crying or extremely unhappy, 
that the adult take the child out of the room until he or she is calm.
Here you see several kids have moved up closer to see the pictures in the book Karla is reading.

Here Regan is showing Karla her new earrings while Vicki and Kendra look on. All of the girls were dressed like Fancy Nancy today - lots of sparkles and ruffles!

Take a picture of me!

Katelyn can smile too!

Another blurry photo! Snack time following the stories and songs.

Books Karla read today:  Shake My Sillies Out /  Raffi
                                            Pretend You're a Cat / Jean Marzollo
                                            The Baby Goes Beep / Rebecca O'Connell

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